This is the roadbed of Highway 50 near Echo Summit at an Elevation of 7,382’.
It shows how the engineers of the last century built many of the Sierra highways that are still used today. In this case, a horizontal shelf was blasted out of the face of a vertical cliff, then the roadbed was constructed on the shelf. It was propped and supported by whatever materials were available to hold it in place. In this case, the materials were rough rock, cut stone, and posts and beams of wood.

An old part of Highway 50 near Echo Summit.

Towering outcrops of volcanic rock along the road to Frenchman Lake near Chilcoot, CA
My rented Toyota sits below (Jun 07).

Towering volcanic rocks along the road to Frenchman Lake.

Driving in a snowstorm (Nov 05)
Over the summit of the road to LaPorte, it was my first time driving in the snow.

A light snowfall as seen from the road to LaPorte, CA.

Eastern Sierra from Monitor Pass
The mountains and high desert country of the Eastern Sierra as seen from the summit of Monitor Pass (El. 8,314’).

A view of the Eastern Sierras from the summit of Monitor Pass.

Bob at Rainbow Falls located just south of the Devil’s Postpile. It was a beautiful June day in the Eastern Sierra.

Rainbow Falls in California.

Bob at California’s famous Devil’s Postpile (Jun 07)
It is another amazing example of the wonders of nature. These were perfectly formed columns of rock that were formed below and pushed to the surface.

Devil's Postpile in California.

My Hertz Toyota under Teetering Rock near June Lake.

Teetering Rock near June Lake, California.

Sutter Buttes in the background.
They are the only thing close to a mountain range in the Sacramento Valley. They were formed approximately two million years ago by volcanic action. The twin dome is a dormant volcano.

A view of part of the Sutter Buttes in the Sacramento Valley.

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