Another example of how Bob's memoirs looked before being put online. Pages like this were stored in approximately 120 large binders.

Mt. Ritter, a pack-train, and Alger Lake. A view of Mt. Laurel with Convict Lake in the foreground.

Laurel Mountain (Jul 95)
Overlooking Convict Lake, it is one of the most photogenic mountains in the Sierras (El. 11,812’).

Mt. Shasta (May 95)
At 14,162', it is a magnificent mountain that dominates the entire northern end of the Sacramento Valley.

A snow-capped Mt. Shasta in May 1995.

Tuolumne River Canyon (Jul 95)
From an overlook on Highway 120 near Groveland.

Tuolumne River Canyon in July 1995. The view from the summit of Mt. Diablo on a clear September day.

View from the Summit of Mt. Diablo (Sep 95)
Looking to the northeast at Concord and the San Ygnacio Valley (El. 3,849’).

Danville (Feb 93)
A winter chill drops the snow level to 3,000' and Mt. Diablo has a crown of icy white.

Mt. Diablo with a fresh layer of February snow.

Mt. San Jacinto - El. 10,831’ (Jan 00)
Heading west on Highway 10 at sunrise. The mountain glowed in the 1st light of day. At its base, the lights of Palm Springs twinkle at dawn.

Mt. San Jacinto as seen from Highway 10 at sunrise.

Sierra Nevada Mountains (Dec 03)
A view of the Sierras under a cover of winter snow as seen from an Amtrak train headed from Martinez, CA to Reno, NV.

Sierras after a winter snow-storm as seen from Amtrak.

Truckee River (Dec 03)
A view of an icy Truckee River near Boca.

The Truckee River after a light snow.

Sutter Buttes in the Spring (May 04)
It is the only thing close to a mountain in the entire Sacramento Valley. It was created in prehistoric times by a volcanic upheaval, and is sometimes referred to as the world’s smallest mountain range.

A picture of Sutter Buttes in the Spring of 2004. The Buttes are sometimes called the smallest mountain range in the world.

Roadway Trestles over the Feather River (Jun 04)
Along Highway 70, which was my main route from the Valley up into the mountains of Plumas County.

Trestles over the Feather River near Highway 70 in California.

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