Salton Sea (Feb 96)
The basin is a geologic sink that was filled with water by overflow from the Colorado approximately 90 years ago.

The Salton Sea, filled with water from the Colorado River many years ago.

Tioga Lake (Jul 95)
Along Highway 120 at Tioga Pass. At an elevation of over 9,000’, the spring thaw was not yet completed in early July.

An icy Tioga Lake in July.

Deadfall Lake (Jun 94)
My Brook Trout lake located 3-hours from Weaverville east of the Trinity Alps.

Deadfall Lake in the summer.

Black Butte Reservoir (May 94)
It was late afternoon, but the clouds made it almost as dark as night.

Black Butte Reservoir on a cloudy day in May.

Lake Siskiyou – El. 14,162’
Near Mt. Shasta, the majestic mountain makes it one of the most spectacular lakes in California.

Lake Siskiyou with Mt. Shasta in the background.

Lake McCloud (Apr 04)
This was my very first visit to this small but beautiful lake. It has very steep shorelines. Note Mt. Shasta in the background.

Lake McCloud in front of a snow-capped Mt. Shasta.

Lake Almanor (Jul 04)
My fishing spot at Lake Almanor. Across its deep blue waters lies the volcanic peak of Mt. Lassen (El. 10,457’).

A snow-capped Mt. Lassen as seen from Lake Almanor.

Emerald Bay
Many rate this as the single most beautiful view of Lake Tahoe along its approximately 65 miles of alpine shoreline.

A beautiful view of Emerald Bay  - many call it the most beautiful view in Lake Tahoe.

Heavenly Valley Gondola (Aug 05)
A spectacular view of Lake Tahoe’s southern shoreline from the overlook at approximately 7,000’ looking west at the SW corner.

Lake Tahoe as seen from the Heavenly gondola.

Glacial Scour at Bear River Reservoir (Jun 04)
These shoreline granite rocks were rounded by the tremendous weight of glacial ice that moved through this area thousands of years ago.

Glacial Scour at the Bear River Reservoir.

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Photos of California Lakes and Reservoirs - Bear River, Emerald Bay, Lake McCloud, and Lake Siskiyou

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