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Fishing Around Portland, Oregon
Summer of 2002

Total fish caught: 4

New species for me: 2

Best fish:


Throughout the 3 days I fished, I was very lucky to catch both of these new species. On day #2 in the Columbia River east of The Dalles, I caught 3 very nice Walleye - (22" 4-lbs), (21" 3-lbs), and (17" 2-lbs). On day #3 in the Columbia River near Portland, I caught one small 12" Whitefish.

As usual, I had a list of unplanned "Snafus" that occurred along the way. However, none of them were as serious as the very ugly head-cold/sinus infection that I brought along with me on the trip. Health wise, it was my worst-ever trip in my last 20-years of travel. I surely hope I don't have any more sick-travels like this one.

Duration: 5 days

Cities visited: Portland, The Dalles, Biggs, and Salem

Places fished: The Columbia River near Biggs and the Willamette River near Portland

Total miles flown: Approximately 960

Total miles driven: 600


This trip developed as a last minute substitute for what would have been my 3rd trip to Baja. For the last 2 years, I had gone to Baja and struggled to catch and land huge 50-lb Tuna. The 1st year it was a thrill—something new in fishing; however, the 2nd year it was more struggle than fun so I decided to skip the 3rd Year. If I was a 200 lbs. person with big strong arms, I might have gone a 3rd time to Baja. However, I'm 120 lbs. with much smaller arms and the struggle to land a 50-lbs. Tuna is much more work than fun for me.

The primary reason for going to Oregon to fish was to try to catch some of the fish they have there that we don't have in California. After some research, I found 10 such species. Unfortunately, finding fishing guides who would fish for these 10 species was a much harder job. In general, fishing guides are people who make their living catching fish for clients. They want to fish for the species they know where, how, and when to catch. Their clients usually want one or more of the "Big-3" fish (Salmon, Steelhead, and Sturgeon). Approximately 90% of the guides fish for these big-3 over and over again. They don't want to be bothered by "less-coveted" species. Because of this, I was only able to find 2 guides who would fish for just 2 of the 10 species on my list (Walleye and Whitefish).

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Information about fishing in Oregon

Sacramento to Portland

Fishing the Columbia River

Fishing the Willamette River

Crater Lake in Oregon
It was the most spectacular sight I saw and photographed on this fishing trip to Oregon.

The places I would fish in Oregon
They were: 1) the Columbia River near Biggs, 2) the Columbia River near Portland, and 3) the Willamette River near Salem.

Final Itinerary

Day #1 – Tuesday August 13, 2000

Day #2 – Wednesday Aug 14, 2000

Day #3 – Thursday August 15, 2000

Day #4 – Friday August 16, 2000

Day #5 – Saturday August 17, 2000

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