Mentions in Fishing Literature

It received an excellent 9-page write-up in the March 2000 Saltwater Sportsman magazine.

The two guys featured in the Saltwater Sportsman article caught a 30-lbs Yellowfin Tuna, a good catch of Dorado, smaller Tuna, Skipjack, and Wahoo.

They also trolled the Cerralvo Channel between the island and Punta Arena using strips of Bonito as bait. This method often catches Dorado, Wahoo, and Billfish.

They flew into La Paz and took a shuttle to Las Arenas, a one-hour trip.

The guys in the article used a travel service specializing in sport fishing called Fishing International. It arranged airfare, accommodations, and the daily fishing itinerary.

It was listed in the March 2000 Fishing and Hunting News.

April 2000, FishSniffer advertised the following:

Facts About Las Arenas and the Surrounding Area


About Fishing in the Sea of Cortez Near Cerralvo Island


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Las Arenas Resort - Is it a Good Fishing Destination in Baja?


My first look at the Las Areans Resort
At the end of a very bumpy unpaved road - unspoiled fishing in Baja.


The view from my balcony at Las Arenas


A view of the resort from the shoreline


Another view of Las Arenas, also from the shoreline

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