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Fishing in Baja Mexico in September 2000

Total fish caught: 26

New species for me: 9

Best fish:


This late-September trip to Baja Mexico provided five days of perfect weather, and three days of good-to-spectacular fishing in the Sea of Cortez. Better yet, I caught my two biggest fish ever, and it turned out to be a real physical effort.

I caught a 100-lbs Pacific Sailfish and a 50-lbs Yellowfin Tuna. I was thrilled to catch them, but it was a major-effort for my 73 year-old body to get them into the boat. The experience rattled me and I had bowel issues (fortunately, it did not interfere with the fishing). The discomfort was a combination of two things: over-exertion while fishing and the highly seasoned Mexican food with lots of beans, corn, peppers, and onions. Overall, the trip was a success.

Duration: 5 days

Cities visited: La Paz

Fishing location: Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez) at Cerralvo Island

Total Miles flown: 2,592 Sacramento to La Paz, roundtrip


This trip was another crash course effort. Because of my health problems at Kaiser, I couldn’t begin to plan any kind of trip until I got clearance in late-May. Then it took a full 1.5 months of work to set-up my 8-day trip to Florida. I returned from the Florida trip on the last day of July. Then, it took another 1.5 months of work to set-up my 5-day trip to Baja Mexico. This meant that I had a late-September date for the Baja trip. This is later than I like to plan major trips, but this year I had little choice. The weather can become much more unpredictable in late September.

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The journey down to Las Arenas

Fishing - Day 1 - 8' Pacific Sailfish

Fishing - Day 2 - 55" Yellowfin Tuna

Fishing - Day 3 - Dorado and other species

From Baja back to Sacramento

A nice Tuna caught in the Sea of Cortez. I caught several of them and also caught several Dorado.

My biggest fish ever - a Pacific Sailfish

Just one of the beautiful sunrises I saw out on the Sea of Cortez

One of the many large Tuna I caught

Final Itinerary

Day 1 – Monday September 18, 2000

Day 2 – Tuesday September 19, 2000

Day 3 – Wednesday September 20, 2000

Day 4 – Thursday September 21, 2000

Day 5 – Friday September 22, 2000

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