The water tower off of Freeport Blvd. as seen from the air.

Water tower off Freeport Blvd. (Jun 03)
Circling to the west over south Sacramento for a landing from the north at SMF. It was cool up in the plane but a scorching 100 degrees down on the valley floor. I used the water tower as a landmark dozen of times as I headed to fish the Delta.

Aerial view of San Diego (Apr 03)
Circling to the east around downtown San Diego for a landing from the south at Lindbergh Field. It was a beautiful spring morning.

View of downtown San Diego as seen from a flight landing at Lindbergh Field.

Downtown Sacramento (May 02)
A view of Sacramento as seen taking off from Sacramento International.

Another view of downtown Sacramento as seen from the air on a clear day.

Close-up of salt ponds as seen from above while approaching Oakland International Airport (OAK).

Close-up view of salt ponds as seen from above.

Colorful salt ponds at the southern part of the San Francisco Bay
Photographed from a plane approaching Oakland International Airport (OAK). Moffett Field and Shoreline Amphitheater are visible at the top of the photo.

Salt ponds in the San Francisco Bay seen while landing at Oakland International Airport (OAK).

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