Memories from Roosevelt High in Oakland, California 1941 - 1942 (9th and 10th Grade)

Kids I remember from Roosevelt – some were also with me at Garfield for Elementary and Junior High.

Walt Santos - he had to drop back to a part-time student and work part-time at the Cotton Mill.

Mateo Ramos - he and I were friends.

Joe DeMello - he was going steady with Loreda Weiss.

Lloyd Millsap - he broke my arm at a boy scout meeting at the Garfield Auditorium in 1941 when I was in the 9th grade. I was home in bed for several months waiting for it to heal. I had to have a tutor come in so I would not fall behind at school. I had to stay in bed for several weeks and then sit in the “Morris Chair” in the dining room.

LaVerne Barnett - she was my most recent "secret love". She sang in the A capella Choir.

Roosevelt yearbook pictures from the 1940s. Roosevelt yearbook pictures from the 1940s.

More Memories from Roosevelt High in Oakland

Marie and John Kurlich - they lived on East 19th Street but across 23rd Avenue. Marie had a bad leg - she was in Betty's class. John was in my class and he used to play with us in our football games at the top of the hill in front of 2253. We had some great games there. Clarence Ramsey and the Eubank Brothers. These were the only blacks I can remember. Jonathon Eubanks was a very good singer.

The Holiday kids (Shirley, Danny, and Wayne) - lived in the house at the corner of East 19th Street and 23rd Avenue. They were not in my class. Wayne later married Lydia, one of Betty's girl friends.

Michio Oaka - he was Japanese-American, and when WWII began he and his family were sent to an internment camp. He took it very hard and I never saw him again. The same thing happened to Ma's nursery people - the Umekeis in Hayward.

The only teacher I can positively remember at Roosevelt was the Coach - Tommy Fitzpatrick.

Classmates at Roosevelt High in Oakland, CA.

Names above correspond to the arrows (from left to right). Bob is in the front row, fourth from the right.

Classmates at Roosevelt High in Oakland, CA.

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