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Movies Were A Regular Family Event

Some of our favorite movie houses for the Friday night going-to-the-movies:

The United Artist on Shattuck was the fanciest (in the early 1940s). Ma stopped going to the movies when Tom was born - he was too small to go.

I also remember Saturday afternoon matinees at the Palace Theatre - they were a regular event for Rich and I. I would pack a baked-potato-lunch; watch James Nanini operate with the ladies for awhile; then it was the Flash Gordon Serial with Buster Crabbe. They were great times.

Memorable movies of the day were:

More Memories of My Little Brother Richard

In addition to our regular trips to the movies (see above) I remember Rich and I as traffic boys going to Cal Football games on Saturdays by riding the Foothill bus to Shattuck Avenue and then the Shattuck Street Car to University Avenue. From there, we hiked to Strawberry Canyon. These were the days of Jim Jurkovich, Herman Wedemeyer, Johnny Podesto, Jackie Jensen, Stub Allison, and Pappy Waldorf.

Also, I remember taking a special trip to San Francisco to try to catch a squirrel in a bag in Golden Gate Park.

Going to the creek on East 27th Street where Rich and I spent many hours during summer vacations hunting for frogs and other critters.

Bill, Rich, and I playing strip poker on Dad's bed. Bill won all of Rich's clothes then Rich also.

The hikes to Sequoia Park past Hiker's Rest and to see the elephant (Baby Boo) at the Sequoia Park Zoo.

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