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World War II
Guarding POWs on the small island of Leyte in the Philippines

Comics in the U.S. Air Force
Assigned to the Comptroller's Office at Travis AFB and inspired by Bill Mauldin

Walleye in Oregon
Fishing for Walleye in the Columbia and Willamette Rivers

Thumbnail image of a Sturgeon with a link to many images of large White Sturgeon caught in California.

Sturgeon in the Delta
The quest for a large White Sturgeon in the Sacramento/San Joaquin River Delta

Around California
A collection of photographs taken around the State.

California's Tidal Animals
An overview of an attempt to capture on film some the State's most elusive creatures.

Robert Hugh Morris

Bob was born in Oakland, California on January 19, 1927. He was the 5th of 8 kids and graduated from high school just in time to be drafted into WW II to fight in the Pacific. He would eventually be discharged only to find himself confused about where to go next and decided to enlist in the U.S. Air Force for 4 years.

Several years later, Bob would find himself in Monterey, the home of Ed Ricketts and his marine biology lab on Cannery Row. He decided to spend the next several years studying, collecting, and photographing many of the animals that call the area between the high and low tides their home. This effort would eventually result in one of the most comprehensive collections of these beautiful but hard to find creatures.

Eventually, he would find himself single, retired, and eager to explore the world on a very tight budget. He also fished, collected rocks and in his spare time, sat down to record his experiences in these memoirs. Whenever he would visit a place that he had visited in the past - a place recorded in his memoirs - he would experience and document "memories of days gone by". By the time he died, over 14,000 pages were very neatly placed in large black binders. Below are links to the approximately 200 pages of his memoirs that are currently online.

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