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U.S. Civil War - 1862
Jessup Pollard, 28th Reg. Massachusetts

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The Year of 1957 (I was 30 years old)

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The Lily Inn boarding house in Sacramento.

Lily Inn Boarding House in Sacramento
In January 1957, I moved into this boarding house on P Street. I had lived in an apartment by myself for 2 1/2 years and wanted a change in life style.

Sacramento on a rainy, Winter day.

Sacramento on a rainy, winter day

My commencement at Sacramento Junior College - 1957.

Graduation - Sacramento Junior College (Sacramento City College)
In June, I graduated with distinction after two years of trying to improve my art skills and was eager to continue this effort.

Sutter's Fort, the settlement which would eventually become the city of Sacramento.

Sutter's Fort - Early Sacramento
My younger brother Tom and I went here during his visit. It was built in 1840 by John Sutter, and his tiny settlement grew into the present day city of Sacramento.

Striped Bass caught at Montezuma Slough.

Striped Bass from Montezuma Slough
After a visit to Sutter's Fort, we went fishing at Montezuma Slough on Grizzly Island and caught this 3-pounder. They cooked it for us back at the boarding house. In my opinion, the Stiper is one of the prettiest fishes.

Sunset at Montezuma Slough as seen from Grizzly Island.

Sunset at Montezuma Slough
We saw a nice sunset from Grizzly island - it was a very nice experience.

A picture of me and my 2 nieces in 1957 - I was 30 years old.

Uncle Boob (Bob) with my nieces
After several decades of family vacations to Long Beach (from Oakland, CA), this was our last trip. We always stayed at the Venetian Square.

Cabrillo Monument at Point Loma in San Diego.

Cabrillo Monument at Point Loma
It has a magnificent view of San Diego Bay.

Looking at the different shops in Tijuana during our trip to Long Beach.

Tijuana, Mexico
We always made a trip across the border to look at the tourist "junk".

The courtyard pool at Balboa park in San Diego.

Courtyard Pool in Balboa Park
It was once part of an exposition - the 1915 - 1916 Panama-California Exposition. The exposition celebrated the opening of the Panama Canal.

Print of a G.I. and a Korean orphan. Print of the Cathedral on K Street I made in 1957. Another print I made - this time a 24 color serigraph silk screen.

A G.I. and a Korean Orphan
I made this in a Print Making class - it is a 5-overlay lithograph print on a lithograph stone.

Cathedral on K Street
This print of my Cathedral in Sacramento was made from an engraved copper plate.

My niece at age 5
This is a 24 color serigraph print. It was my most ambitious effort in silk-screening.

Print of Dad that was featured in the State library in 1957. Headline - Prints Room Show Indicates Drift Back to Representation. Description of my work published in 1957.

Engraved Print of Dad
It was put on display at the State library and was given a write-up in the local newspaper.

Sunset over the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta in 1957. View of Mt. Diablo from Lake Sherman. Hank and Tina, our Poodle, in 1957.

November sunset over Lake Sherman
It had been a clear, cold November day in the Delta. I caught my first big fish - it was a 16-lbs striper. I was amazed at the strength of a fish that size. It was a great day of fishing.

View of Mt. Diablo from Lake Sherman
On my Thanksgiving weekend visit to Oakland, Hank, Mannie, Tom, and I went on a one-day fishing trip to Sherman Lake in the Delta. We were after big stripers, and Tom was allowed to go only after we lied to Ma about not going out in a boat.

Hank and Tina
Hank was 34 and I was 30.


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