The YWCA on 17th Street in Sacramento.
Sacramento's old central library. The Clunie Clubhouse in McKinley Park in Sacramento. Cardinal Grocery Company in Sacramento after it was acquired by Lucky. The American Legion hall on 21st Street in Sacramento.

The Year of 1954 (I was 27 years old)

What was happening in the world:

What was happening in the USA:

What was happening in California:

What was happening in sports:

What was happening at the movies:

Memorable songs were:

What was happening in my life:

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Old store advertisement showing grade A Turkeys for 37 cents per pound. Old store advertisement showing fresh California Pears for 10 cents per pound. Apartment at 609 11th Street in Sacramento. The old Alkali playground in Sacramento. Beers Book Center in Sacramento. City Plaza fountain in Sacramento. State building in Sacramento with its message that says "bring me men to match my mountains". The old Carquinez Bridge on a clear blue day.

One of the ads I made for Cardinal-Inks Grocery Company
I was happy to have a job in Commercial Art.

A sign I made for Cardinal-Inks Grocery Company
Despite being surrounded by one of the most fertile farming areas in the world (the California Central Valley), prices for quality food have increased dramatically.

My first apartment at 609 11th Street
The upstairs always got very hot during Sacramento summers.

The Alkali playground
At lunchtime, I would drive around the corner and park in the shade here - it was quiet and cool.

Heading back to Sacramento on Highway 80
Crossing the old Carquinez bridge after a weekend visit to Oakland.


State Building on Capitol Avenue
The colonnaded entry with its engraved message “Bring Me Men to Match My Mountains”.

City Plaza Fountain

I walked through this plaza almost every week for over 39 years.

Beers book store on 14th Street
Another place where I spent many enjoyable hours. Amazingly, this store still exists - see:

Sacramento’s old central library at 9th and I Streets
I spent many interesting hours here.

The American Legion hall on 21st Street
I attended Ballroom dances here every Saturday night. My partner was often a gal named Esther.

Cardinal-Inks Grocery Company
I got my first full-time job in commercial art here working as an ad/sign maker. The company was eventually acquired by Lucky.

The Clunie Clubhouse in McKinley Park

I took Square Dancing lessons here every Thursday night.

The YWCA on 17th Street
I took Ballroom Dancing lessons here so that I could meet people in the Sacramento area. The YWCA still operates in the same location - see:

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