The Year of 1953 (I was 26 years old)

What was happening in the world:

What was happening in the USA:

What was happening in California:

What was happening in sports:

What was happening at the movies:

Memorable songs were:

What was happening in my life:

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memoir1p176b Air Force Comic - That's right Mac! Air Force Comic - Education Travel Adventure

Dugan's Air Force
Comics I wrote while in the US Air Force

Oakland and the Mormon Temple
Back in Oakland after a long 11-hour bus ride from Boise.


Reno, Nevada
Aboard a Greyhound bus going through Reno on my way back to Oakland.

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2302 Damuth in Oakland
I was back home living with my family.

Dimond District
A view of the Dimond District from the hilltop backyard of our place on Damuth.

Ma’s Gardening
At 53, Ma was still an avid gardener. She loved the Bougainvillea at the front window. For some strange reason, she did not like the spectacular growth of Shasta Daisies at the curb.

One of Ma's favorite roses.

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Intertidal Invertebrates
An extraordinary collection of photographs


Fishing Baja 2000
Fishing the Sea of Cortez off Cerralvo Island

baja160t pollard160

U.S. Civil War - 1862
Jessup Pollard, 28th Reg. Massachusetts

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