The Year of 1945 (I was 18 years old)

What was happening in the world:

Post-war happenings:

What was happening in the USA:

What was happening in California:

What was happening in sports:

What was happening at the movies:

Memorable songs were:

What was happening in my life:

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Bob's high-school graduation picture. Edwards field in Oakland, CA.

An all-city track meet at Edwards Field
The Fremont entry (Sanford) in the 440 scored a major upset. He had been an average runner all season, but then set a new time record. I was there to see it.

My graduation picture in January 1945
I was wearing Hank’s brown Zoot Suit. Ma always said I was her best kid and this photo proves it.

Ma's 4 service stars hanging in our front window. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt
He died on April 12, 1945 of a massive stroke.

Ma's 4 service stars in our front window
I was drafted into the Army on March 7, 1945.

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