The Year of 1944 (I was 17 years old)

What was happening in the world:

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What was happening in 1945 ---- >


My family and I before I was drafted into WW II.

Pat and Bob on a visit from San Diego
It was my final year at Fremont and had already been classified as 1-A in the draft. Tom was 2 years old.

The family in front of a large palm tree.

Bill Morris in the Army (left arrow) and Bill Cullen in the Navy (right arrow)
The latter was killed in the Pacific.

Van planting a victory garden.

Van putting in a victory garden
He and Dot lived with us while he was stationed at the Alameda Naval Air Station.

Dad and Bob looking at our old DeSoto in Oakland, CA.

Dad and Bob Cullen discussing our old DeSoto
Note the "Flying Tiger" Jalopy that belonged to the Ornellas boys next door.

Hank and Eleanor in Oakland, CA.

Hank on Leave from Texas with my sister Eleanor (left)
He was sent to Europe as a fighter pilot and did not return until 1947.

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