The Year of 1941 (I was 14 years old)

What was happening in the world:

What was happening in the USA:

What was happening in sports:

What was happening at the movies:

Memorable Songs were:

What was happening in my life:

Dad's old WW II ration book.

Dad's "B" gas ration book

Dad in his WWI uniform and Bill in his WW II uniform.

Two generations of service
Dad in his WW I Navy uniform and Bill in his WW II Army uniform.

Garfield school's auditorium in Oakland.

Roosevelt's Auditorium in Oakland
On Monday morning, December 8, 1941, the Roosevelt student body sat in assembly and heard FDR declare war on Japan.


What was happening in 1942 ---->

Classmates and memories of Roosevelt High ---->

Classmates and memories of Fremont High ---->

My older brother Bill's letters to Dad from the Battle of the Bulge ---->

Bill in front of Camp Roberts.

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