The Year of 1939 (I was 12 years old)

What was happening in the world:

What was happening in the USA:

What was happening in California:

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Memorable Songs were:

What was happening in my life:

What was happening in 1940 ---->

Joaquin Miller's old place that he built. Western Newt Statue of Joaquin Miller in Oakland.

The Home of Joaquin Miller
One of my favorite trips was up Park Boulevard to Sequoia Park. On the way, we always passed these cabins. Miller built them and lived there back in 1886.

Western Newt - about 5” long
During the right time of year, Rich and I would see dozens of these Salamanders migrating down into Dimond Creek to lay their eggs.

Statue of Joaquin Miller
The Poet-Laureate of Oakland, California

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Intertidal Invertebrates
An extraordinary collection of photographs


Fishing Baja 2000
Fishing the Sea of Cortez off Cerralvo Island

baja160t pollard160

U.S. Civil War - 1862
Jessup Pollard, 28th Reg. Massachusetts

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