Memories of Hayward and Oakland in the 1930s

Ma and Dad had lived in Hayward before I was born and they liked to drive back out to visit their old haunts. Dad, Bill, and I would sit in the front seat and Ma, Rich, Dot, Pat, Eleanor, and Betty sat in the backseat. On Sunday afternoons, we'd go out Foothill Blvd and usually stop at the Evergreen Cemetery where Ma's father, mother, and Rose Clanton were buried. Maxine was also buried there in another section without a tombstone. Rich and I used to play hide-and-seek around the big gray tombstone while Ma would arrange fresh flowers. On one visit, that dummy Eleanor fell down and gashed a big hole in her leg. The kids all voted to go off and leave her, but Ma would not do it.

Next, we often stopped at the Foothill Pet Shop where Ma first met Mrs. Berman the breeder of Scotties. She got Ma into the Scottie business. We kids thought they were great. When we would pass the old rock quarry, Dad would tell us a story about a Scotchman that dropped a Nickel and started digging for it in the side of the hill. He never found the Nickel.

The major event of the trip was stopping at the Borden's Ice Cream Parlor and getting chocolate dipped ice cream cones. I remember the school across the street and the "wall-slide". We always came back by way of East 14th Street, and in the Spring we would often stop and buy cherries at the roadside stands. We kids would sing: "cherries are ripe, cherries are ripe, the robins sing all day".

One time we drove all the way to San Jose and while we were there, Dad pointed out the park where a local guy was lynched - it was scary.

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The old Hagstrom's Building on East 14th (International Ave.) in Oakland. The Masonic home on Mission Blvd. in Hayward. The old Montgomery Ward in Oakland, CA.

Old Hagstrom's Building on East 14th Street
After a stop for chocolate dipped ice cream cones at Borden’s in Hayward, we would always come back by way of East 14th Street.

Old Masonic Home on Mission Blvd. Sometimes we would go out past Hayward to Niles and see this large building.

The Old Montgomery Ward in Oakland, CA
Back in Oakland, at East 14th Street and 30th Avenue, we passed Montgomery Ward. It was a major shopping site for our family during my childhood.

The Tribune Tower in Oakland. The Conservatory in Goiden Gate Park. The Holmes Book Company in Oakland. The Alameda County courthouse in Oakland.

Holmes Book Store
It was Dad’s personal library - he spent hours here hunting for books on diet and fasting.

The 0ld 10th Street Market on Clay Street
Each Saturday morning we would do our weekly shopping here.

The Alameda County Courthouse
On 14th Street near Lake Merritt.

The Tribune Tower
During the pre-WWII days it had a siren that went off every day at noon - you could hear it all over Oakland.

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