Sketch of the Garfield Elementary and Junior High School in Oakland, CA.

Other Memories of My Garfield Days Not Mentioned Elsewhere

I remember the time when I took one of our dogs to a dog show. Everyone won a prize except my dog. It was very humiliating for a kid.

My oldest sister Pat was the first kid to leave home. At 16, she and a girlfriend went to San Diego to get a job. She had been working at Newberry's learning how to repair silk stockings.

A Sketch of Garfield Elementary in Oakland, CA as I remember it looking in the 1930s

Students I Remember From My Garfield Days

Betty Jean Randall - another one of my puppy loves. Later, she became pregnant when she was about 12 - by her older brother. She lived on Foothill Blvd. and we used to see her with her baby on our way to school.

Sabrina - she was one of my puppy loves.

Joyce Hotz - my leading heart-throb-after Betty Jean Randall and Shirley Temple. She had her nose broken by being hit by the bat during a softball game at Garfield. I actually had courage enough to talk to her in front of her house over a grocery store near Roosevelt High. We were both skating there on a summer vacation day. She was a blond.

Eddie Rodriguez - he worked in the Palace Theatre and later was killed in WW II.

Nicky Gavilan - a roughneck I had several fights with.

Joe Nobreiga - I saw him one day playing hooky - he and his buddy were digging a huge hole in his backyard.

Fred Perry - another rough kid who carried a knife at school. He beat me up once and his older brother was in San Quentin.

Edna Regaler - she lived across the street from the school on Foothill Blvd.

Violet Moran - the plump little gal Rich kicked in the rump because she was teasing him.

Robert Small - my buddy from Canada. His father operated a used furniture shop on East 14th Street near 23rd Avenue.

Tom - the artist in Mrs. Brother’s Class (my younger brother’s namesake).

Michio Oka - he and I ran for Captain of the Traffic Boys and he won. I cried over the loss and Mr. Tabor consoled me. Michio was later deported to an internment camp.

Lloyd Millsap - who broke my arm at the Boy Scout Meeting on a Friday night at the Garfield Auditorium.

The bully in Wood Shop – I don't remember his name.

Clarence "Dirty” Ramsey - my buddy and the only black kid in the class.

Patricia Pastrella - she threw a tantrum in class.

Geraldine Pastana - she hit my puppy-love Joyce Hotz in the face with a softball bat.

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