1947 at California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, California

I can only remember two of the instructors now - one was Jonathan Batchelor who taught Figure Drawing - I always did well at this. He was a young thin guy with a distinctive red beard. The other was George Harris who taught Color Composition - he gave a lot of homework assignments.

I remember taking long hikes down College Avenue during lunchtime. I remember the young heavy-set guy who liked to play volleyball each day after lunch. One day he collapsed on the court, and they rushed him to the hospital. We were told the next day that he had died of a heart attack at 21 years old. I didn't really know the guy, but it was the closest brush with death that I'd had so far.

I also remember the attractive young model we had regularly in Batchelor's figure drawing class. We came to school one morning to find out that she had killed herself over the weekend. Once again, in my young life this was my first "brush" with suicide.

Hank was home from Europe now and he owned a bright red Chevrolet Convertible. He and I and Tom began to go on fishing trips together.

Betty was still in training at Providence Hospital to become a Nurse. Florence was her buddy. I had a car of my own now and this meant mobility. I remember taking the solo trip to San Francisco in my Model-A Ford to visit the big city's three largest art galleries: The Palace of the Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park, The Art Gallery of the DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park (I had been here before as a kid with Bill and Dad to see its WW I relics), and the Museum of Modern Art In the Civic Center.

A profile sketch of Ma at age 47.

Ma and Rich
A profile of Ma at age 47 (above) and Rich on his way to school (above right).

The Legion of Honor in San Francisco, CA. Old Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, CA. A profile of Dad at age 64. Sketch of Barbara A style of art that I liked. memoir1p87a

Barbara of my Arts and Crafts days
She had jet-black hair and deep-blue eyes. I was madly in love with her.

A broad-stroke style that I liked
Art students are always looking for styles that they can modify and use as their own.

A profile at age 64.

The Museum of Modern Art
Back when it was at the Civic Center in San Francisco.

The Legion of Honor Museum
As a student at CCAC, art became the main interest in my life. For the 1st time, I visited the three largest galleries in San Francisco.

Profile sketch of Tom at age 5.

Rotten-kid Tom
My youngest brother at age 5.

The old de Young museum in San Francisco.

The old de Young Museum
Located in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

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