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360-degree, high-resolution photographs of the preserved specimens collected in the early 1960s
These photographs of the well-preserved original specimens collected in the 1960s were taken in 2012. Ten photographs of each specimen were taken from different angles.

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"My greatest accomplishment was my contribution to the study of intertidal invertebrates of California" - Robert H. Morris "Bob"
Five years of collecting and photographing the majestic creatures found along the coast of California left Bob with approximately 1,100 pictures and paintings of various species. Above is a Nudibranch that was painted due to the difficulty of photographing these delicate creatures.

Between Pacific Tides
Bob contributed 28 photos to the fourth edition (15 color, 13 black and white) and 79 photos in the fifth edition (all black and white).

The first edition of this book was one of Bob's most treasured possessions in the early 1960s. It inspired him to try to contribute to the study of intertidal invertebrates, and set off to photograph all that I could find along the vast coast of California.

Intertidal Invertebrates of California
A book published by the Stanford University Press in 1980 with support from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. Bob contributed:

612 color photographs,

3 painted pictures,

and 761 line drawings.


Intertidal Invertebrate Information Available on this Site*

Painting of a red Nudibranch.

Paintings of Nudibranches found along the California Coast
A collection of Bob's paintings of these delicate and colorful creatures.

Collecting journals and other information about collecting and photographing creatures along the California coast
Includes maps and descriptions of the 27 different collection sites along the California coast. Currently, only these sites are online: 1)
Recreation, Aliso, and Dana Points; 2) Elkhorn Slough and Beach; 3) Pacific Grove, Monterey, and 17-Mile-Drive; 4) Humboldt Bay; 5) San Diego Bay; and 6) Point St. George.

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Unpublished pictures of California's intertidal invertebrates*
A collection of Bob's unpublished pictures. This collecton includes images that were not included in a published book. They were placed in his memoirs along with narratives that describe the collection process and the geographical characteristics of the collection areas. Links to these "collection journals" are directly above.

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*About the images of intertidal invertebrates presented on this site

Bob's memoirs consist of approximately 14,000 pages of typed information that are accompanied by photographs that he took throughout his life. Photographs and information about Bob's years collecting and photographing intertidal invertebrates make up about 300 pages of these memoirs. Some of the pictures he included in his memoirs were included in the published books mentioned above, but many of his images were not included in these books because the books generally focused on the most common intertidal invertebrates found along the California coast. This is an important distinction because this site is dedicated to recording only the information that Bob decided to include in his memoirs, excluding any pictures that were published.

In all 3 of the books mentioned above, Bob contributed photographs and although he knew a lot about intertidal invertebrates, almost all identification was done by other authors. As a result, some of the pictures included in his memoirs were identified but many were not. Instead, many of the pictures and negatives were in envelopes or within pages of memoirs without any accompanying text. As a result, the intertidal invertebrate information included in Bob's memoirs is made-up primarily of maps and descriptions about the area where the specimens were collected, some pictures of the specimens themselves (some of which were included in the published books) and negatives marked as good but not published. In order to avoid any duplication with the published books, only photos and negatives not included in the books are presented here.

Finally, the 10 360-degree photos of certain species on the site were taken in 2012. If you have any questions about the information provided here, please contact me at:


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One of Bob's photos is included in a spectacular new book on intertidal invertebrates: Crabs and Shrimps of the Pacific Coast by Gregory C. Jensen. The photo is of Pinnixa weymouthi and can be found on page 90 of Dr. Jensen's book. The book includes hundreds of amazing photos capturing the animals in their natural habitat, which provides a much different perspective than the ones in Bob's book and this website.

Dr. Jensen's Website with more information about the book: