Mackinaw Trout
Top: 25" (6-lbs)
Bottom: 26" (6.5-lbs)

Mackinaw Trout caught at Lake Tahoe in August 1987
26" (6.5-lbs) left and 25" (6-lbs) right
Caught using live minnows.

Bob and 2 Mackinaw Trout caught in Lake Tahoe. Two Mackinaw Trout caught in Lake Tahoe. memoir stream banner with a picture of Lake Tahoe.

Fishing for Mackinaw Trout out of Homewood

This would be my 2nd try for Mackinaw Trout at this beautiful alpine lake. My first try resulted in no fish (see below), so I was eager to make up for it on this trip. I went with Kingfish guide service out of Homewood.

The Kingfish fishing boat at the Homewood Marina.

The Kingfish at Homewood
I boarded the boat at 4:00 AM with a couple of other fishermen.

Our guide checking our lines making sure we were ready to catch the big one.

Our guide Tom checking our lines
We were set-up and ready for action as the first light of day appeared.

Out on Lake Tahoe waiting for fish to bite.

Waiting for action
It was a beautiful morning on the Lake for fishing.

A beautiful sunrise over Lake Tahoe.

A beautiful sunrise over Lake Tahoe
The scenery kept us entertained as we waited.

A fishing boat out on Lake Tahoe.

Another fishing boat
We almost had the whole area to ourselves

Back at the Homewood dock unloading the day's catch.

Back at Homewood
We were back at 9:30 AM after a great morning of fishing.

The Truckee Tahoe Inn just outside of Truckee.

Truckee Tahoe Inn
I was back to my room in time for lunch - I held off on eating the Trout I caught earlier.

Fishing with a guide at Lake Tahoe for Mackinaw Trout - September 1986

Fishing at Lake Tahoe for Mackinaw Trout - July 1986 - First and Unsuccessful Try

A beautiful sunrise over Lake Tahoe with fishing rods in the foreground.

3-Day Trip to Fish Lake Tahoe and Attend the Reno Rock Show July 10 – 12, 1986

Day 1

I left Sacramento at 9:30 AM – it was a beautiful 85-degree day. I arrived at the Lake and surveyed the Homewood dock at around 12:30 PM so that I would be able to find it tomorrow morning in the 3:30 AM darkness.

I then went to McDonald’s in Truckee for lunch and checked the Verdi rock site at 2:00 PM to collect rocks, but I did not find any. I made it to the Motel 6 in Reno by 3:00 PM, had an early dinner, and was in bed by 8:00 PM (very early for me).

Total miles driven: 190

Day 2

Left the Motel 6 at 2:30 AM – it was pitch black but clear and Reno sparkled like a jewel. I made it to the Homewood boat dock by 3:30 AM for the boat that left at 4:00. The trip lasted 5 hours and there were a total of 5 adults and one kid on the boat. Unfortunately, I did not catch any fish.

I was back at the Truckee McDonald’s for a snack and then I was off to Pyramid Lake for pictures. It is a lake unlike most California lakes - one difference is the complete lack of trees. I was back to the Motel 6 by 4:00 PM and went for a nice walk down Virginia Street. I was in bed by 10:00 PM after a very long day.

Total miles driven: 222

Day 3

I left the motel at 9:30 AM and made it to the Reno Rock Show by 10:00. It was a good show and I was back on the road by Noon headed back to Sacramento. Of course, I needed to stop at the Florin McDonald’s along the way for lunch and a sundae post-trip treat – it was good. I arrived home by 4:00 PM.

Total miles driven: 147


Overall, it was a very good trip despite not catching any Mackinaw (see trip above for my successful trip to Tahoe for Mackinaws).

On this trip, I had: 1) excellent weather; 2) a good boat trip out on Lake Tahoe - just no fish; 3) an interesting trip to Pyramid Lake; 4) a good rock show; and 5) it was a good prelude to my upcoming trip to see the Midwest United States.

My total miles driven were 559 and I had very little driver fatigue, which at my age is becoming more and more common.

Page Summary

Fish Caught

Mackinaw Trout: 26" (6.5-lbs)
Mackinaw Trout: 25" (6-lbs)

Places Fished

Lake Tahoe out of Homewood

Places Visited

Lake Tahoe
Pyramid Lake

Places Stayed

Reno Motel 6
Truckee Tahoe Inn (Best Western)

A group of fisherman looking for Mackinaw Trout.

Sunrise over Lake Tahoe
The spectacular sunrise on the 2nd day was the most spectacular event of the trip.

Our group of Mackinaw fisherman
The 10-year-old at the left caught a 3-pounder.

A very empty Highway 80 in the Sierras. The A-frame building at Donner Summit roadside rest stop. A small creek and McDonald's in Truckee.

Highway 80 in the Sierras
Climbing up into the Sierras on Highway 80 on a beautiful summer morning.

Donner Summit roadside rest
A memory stop at the rest to reminisce about days gone by (I helped design the rest as a Landscape Architect with the State).

A creekside lunch at McDonald’s in Truckee
Note the large soda.

The Reno skyline. A view of Lake Tahoe's shoreline.

Accommodations for the night
A 3:00 PM arrival at the Motel 6 on Keystone Avenue near Reno.

Heading back to the dock at Homewood at 9:30 AM
No Mackinaw Trout but a nice morning on the Lake.

Pyramid Lake in Nevada's northwestern desert. One of Pyramid Lakes many Tufa formations. Virginia Street in Reno during the day. Reno at night.

Pyramid Lake in Nevada’s northwestern desert
There wasn’t a tree in sight.

Virginia street in Reno
I took a stroll on
this warm summer evening. It was a Friday night and the casinos were crowded.

Reno at night
Watching the sparkle of Reno’s casino skyline from the 2nd floor of my Motel 6.

The Honda at Pyramid Lake
It was sitting in front of one of the many Tufa formations that surround the Lake.

Map of my drive from Sacramento to Reno and Lake Tahoe.

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