An Orange and Chilipepper Rockfish caught out of Bodega Bay, CA.

Orange Rockfish (left)
15” (2-lbs)
Chilipepper Rockfish (right)
17” (2.5-lbs)
Both caught off Point Reyes

Bocaccio Rockfish
20” (3-lbs)
Caught off Point Reyes

A 20" Bocaccio Rockfish caught near Pt. Reyes, CA.

Orange and Chilipepper Rockfish
Ranging from 14” – 17”
All caught off Point Reyes in one hour

Several Orange and Chilipepper Rockfish caught off Point Reyes.

King Salmon caught March 1987
32" (14-lbs)
Unknown to me, the guy behind me with the knife was waiting to cut-off half of the tailfin. Caught in Monterey Bay.

King Salmon caught in the Monterey Bay, California.

My two catches of the day, both King Salmon
Top: 28" (7-lbs) Bottom: 32" (14-lbs)
Note the cut-off tailfin on the bottom fish
Caught in Monterey Bay

28" and 32" King Salmon caught in Monterey Bay.

My catch for the day was 14 Rockfish
Caught off Point Reyes in one hour

14 Rockfish caught off Point Reyes in just 1 hour. Mounted 26" Red Rockfish

Red Rockfish caught September 1986
Left: 26" (7.5-lbs) Right: 25" (6-lbs)
Both caught off Monterey

Two Red Rockfish caught in the Monterey Bay on a partyboat. Yellowtail Rockfish caught in Monterey Bay. salmonbanner1

Rockfish and Salmon Caught Along the California Coast

Monterey Bay - March 1987

Partyboat fishing for Salmon out of Monterey – it was a terrific day of fishing. I caught 2 Salmon - 28” (7-lbs) and a 32” (14-lbs) during the early part of morning. Both were fresh-run King Salmon and both took line and gave a good fight. They were beautiful fish.

We were out 10 full hours (6AM – 4PM) and I never had any seasick problems - it was sunny and nice all day. It was another of my "unforgettable" fishing days and I got a beautiful mount specimen out of it. In addition Salmon is the best eating of all fish - it was delicious with Cucumber dressing with a little mustard added.

One of the deckhands cut the lower portion of the tailfin off the larger King Salmon - this is to mark the fish for "personal use" and designates that it is not for sale commercially.

Yellow-tail Rockfish
16" (2-lbs)
Caught off Monterey

Fish Shown on this Page

King Salmon: 32" (14-lbs) and 28" (7-lbs)

Bocaccio Rockfish: 20" (3-lbs)

Chilipepper Rockfish: 17" (2.5-lbs)

Orange Rockfish: 15" (2-lbs) and several others - see below.

Red Rockfish: 26" (7.5-lbs) and 25" (6-lbs)

Yellow-tail Rockfish: 14" (1.75-lbs)

Monterey Bay - September 1986

Partyboat trip off Monterey – 23 years after my older brother Bill and I made the same trip in 1963 - see that story here.

It was the best day ever of my fishing career. It was: (1) a beautiful warm sunny day; (2) rough seas but not a sign of seasickness with my Dramamine; and (3) in 5 hours of fishing, I caught 23 fish (41-lbs).

I caught three different species and my largest of each were: Yellow-tail Rock Cod 14” (1.75-lbs); Orange Rock Cod 15” (2-lb); and Red Rock Cod 26” (7.5-lbs). Overall, it was a fishing day I will always remember. I mounted the largest of each species for my collection.

Bob's collection of mounted fish was donated to Northern California's Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek, CA. Their website is:

Red Rockfish
26" (7.5-lbs)
Caught off Monterey

Off Point Reyes - August 1989

Lingcod and Rockfish fishing on a partyboat out of Bodega Bay. We fished for Lingcod for 5 hours and caught no fish. Then we moved to a place right of Point Reyes and I caught 14 fish in one hour. They ranged in size from 10 to 20 inches. My three best fish were: Bocaccio Rockfish 20” (3-lbs); Chilipepper Rockfish 17” (2.5-lbs); and Yellowtail Rockfish 16’ (2-lbs).

The Captain's dog looking for the day's first catch in the Monterey Bay.

Ms. Bligh and Captain Pinnie
Ms. Bligh is netting my first Salmon while Captain barks orders.

Captain Pinnie
He kept an eye on us "lubbers" and ate our Anchovies.

Fishing on a Partyboat off Monterey for Rockfish - September 1986

Fishing on a Partyboat off Monterey for Rockfish and Salmon - March 1987

The Captain's wife and dog netting my first Salmon of the day.

Fishing on a Partyboat out of Bodega Bay for Rockfish - August 1989

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