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May 1862
Saturday 31st

Write to my Wife
4 of our men dead this week
Receive a letter from David at 12 o’clock tonight
Preparing to march tomorrow


June 1862
Sunday 1st

Pack up and strike tents this morning
Expend $2.00
March to the wharf and sleep on a pile of iron


Monday 2nd

Embark on a schooner and are towed by a steamer
3 or 4 other regiments and part of a battery go in our fleet, which consists of 7 vessels.


June 2nd

We drop anchor tonight and remain on board – uncomfortable mess


Tuesday 3rd

James Island
Land near Charleston
We have a skirmish with Rebels
Our company on picket all night
Rain very hard


Wednesday 4th

Rain today
We have another brush with the
Our guns were wet
Mine misfired all through the fight
We had two men shot

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May 31 - June 16, 1862


Jessup Pollard, 28th Regiment, Mass


James Island, landing site near Charleston


Four men lost

Transported on a Schooner towed by a steamer

Lands near Charleston

Gun misfires throughout a skirmish because of heavy rain

Four Rebels taken prisoner

Heavy losses and terrible sights on the battlefield

Page 20A of Jessup Pollard's Civil War journal. Page 20B of Jessup Pollard's Civil War journal. Page 21A of Jessup Pollard's Civil War journal. Page 21B of Jessup Pollard's Civil War journal. Thumbnail image of a painting of Frank Pollard with link to larger image. Thumbnail image of a Civil War soldier with link to a larger version. Thumbnail image of a Civil War soldier with link to larger version. Page 22B of Jessup Pollard's Civil War journal. Page 22A of Jessup Pollard's Civil War journal.

James Island
June 1862
Friday 13th

Feel sick this morning
Bury Farwell tonight


Saturday 14th

Woke up with heavy firing this morning
I am on guard today



Sunday 15th

Heavy marching order
Move our camp closer to the enemy
Prepare to attack them
Start about midnight with 60 rounds of cartridge?



Monday 16th

Our regiment and 3 others attack a battery and are repulsed with heavy loss.

I begin to realize what a damning thing a battle field is.

Such sights as I have witnessed and taken part in today will never be erased from my mind.

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Sketch made of Uncle Frank Pollard by comrade during Civil War.

Possibly Jessup Pollard - in journal but not labeled.

Another photo, possibly of Jessup Pollard - in journal but not labeled.

June 1862
Thursday 5th

Sleep outside last night during heavy rain and am wet through

See George Monks?


Friday 6th

Slept out again tonight
Expend $2.00

Saturday 7th

Remain at the battery yet rain almost constant
Expend $2.00
Balloon filled today


Sunday 8th

We had a hard march today no fight
Return to camp
Rain heavy get wet

June 1862
Monday 9th

Got 4 prisoners yesterday
Rain today
Expend $2.00


Tuesday 10th

A bright sunny morning
Our regiment make a road for the siege
Part of them go on picket


Wednesday 11th

Another pleasant morning
I write to my Wife
Expend $3.00


Thursday 12th

Receive a letter from my Wife
Expend $2.00

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