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February 1862
Tuesday 4th

Get 2 shirts washed – 25 cents
Receive a letter from David


Wednesday 5th

S.K. Drill
Take my boots to ____


Thursday 6th

Write to New York

Friday 7th

Expend 50 cents
S.K. Drill I don’t like a certain style of Captain on ____ ___.
Get my boots, paid 90 cents.


Saturday 8th

Hard drill today


February 1862
Sunday 9th

Inspection this forenoon, dress parade afternoon.


Monday 10th

Send a letter to David
Hard drill today.


Tuesday 11th

Send a letter to my Wife. Get a letter from father and a note from my Wife. Our company on guard today. I am Cor 2nd Relief, 20 men.
Expend 50 cents.
Bought one packet stationary - 25 cents.


Wednesday 12th

Write to Father.

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February 4 - 22, 1862


Jessup Pollard, 28th Regiment, Mass


Fort Pulaski and Daufuskie Island


Leaves Fort Columbus on the Ericsson

Sees British and French vessels

Rough seas and soldiers are heaving up in all directions

Anchor at Point Royal and see 50 to 60 other ships there

Transfer to the steamer Potomac and arrive at Hilton Head

Page 4A of Jessup Pollard's Civil War journal. Page 4B of Jessup Pollard's Civil War journal. Page 5A of Jessup Pollard's Civil War journal. Page 5B of Jessup Pollard's Civil War journal. Thumbnail image of a painting of Frank Pollard with link to larger image. Thumbnail image of a Civil War soldier with link to a larger version. Thumbnail image of a Civil War soldier with link to larger version. Page 6B of Jessup Pollard's Civil War journal. Page 6A of Jessup Pollard's Civil War journal.

February 1862
Wednesday 19th

Get up ½ past 3 this morning. The moon and stars are shining bright. Remain up until 10 tonight. Pass one vessel this forenoon. See some porpoises around the bow of our boat. Wind changes and we have a strong gale in our teeth and the sea rolls heavily. A hard shower about 5 minutes in duration in the evening.



Thursday 20th

Get on deck at 5 o’clock. Fine morning but the waves are very large and the wind is still blowing strong against us. Go to my bunk about 10 o’clock tonight.



February 1862
Friday 21st

Get up at 6 o’clock. Cloudy morning. Take pilot aboard about 12 noon. Anchor in Port Royal about 3 PM. We find 50 or 60 vessels at anchor here. Our company on guard today, remain in the boat tonight, sleep ½ hour.



Saturday 22nd

The steamer Potomac came and took us off the Ericsson about 12 noon. Expend 50 cents. Land at Hilton Head. I saw some flowers of various kinds in bloom. The weather is as warm now as it would be in July at home. Very bad water here – the land is sandy.

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Sketch made of Uncle Frank Pollard by comrade during Civil War.

Possibly Jessup Pollard - in journal but not labeled.

Another photo, possibly of Jessup Pollard - in journal but not labeled.

February 1862
Thursday 13th

Vaccinate for Small Pox.
Write to my Wife.

Friday 14th

Get a letter from my Wife
Leave Fort Columbus and embark on Ericsson.


Saturday 15th

Lay in North River today.


Sunday 16th

Set sail from New York
We were prevented from sailing yesterday on account of snow storm. See some British and French vessels. It is a very pleasant day but does not look much like Sunday.



February 1862
Monday 17th

Very rainy with wind and heavy sea. The boys are sick and heaving up in every direction. I sleep most of the time. When not on deck the boat rocks and pitches at a great rate. I go to bed about 10 tonight. It is clearing up a little now. I have had my cloths wet all day and must sleep in them.



Tuesday 18th

Very pleasant morning with good breeze. I have not been sea sick yet. We saw a sail to the east this forenoon. The weather is getting very warm. See some flying fish, two more vessels pass us. Rain ___ ____.

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