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January 1862
Saturday 11th

Marched through Boston and take the ____ Line for N.Y. See Father, Mother, Frank, and Uncles Thomas and Charles Buckley in Worcester.
Arrive Norwich 11 o’clock take the steamer Connecticut.

Sunday 12th

We remain on the boat today on account of foggy weather. Miserable enough ___.

Monday 13th

Land at Fort Columbus this morning. Get some hard biscuit and coffee for ____. ____ I do not like it very well.




Tuesday 14th

Get our New Bedford Bounty today and United States Pay to January 1st.

$35.00 and Pay $1.50 for a present to ____ and Fleming. Sleep in a tent tonight – first night sleep since leaving Camp Conners?


Wednesday 15th

Our Company on guard today Cor 3rd Relief 16 posts.

Write to my Wife, send $5.00 to her.

Thursday 16th

Mainer went to New York.

Tuesday 21st

____ Treasury Note No. 165?

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January 11 -February 25, 1862


Jessup Pollard and Joseph Connors, 28th Regiment, Mass.


Boston, New York, Fort Columbus,


Taken from Norwich to Fort Columbus on the steamer Connecticut

Receives bounty and pay of $36.50

Has 4 pictures taken for $1.00

Solo pass to New York for a show, food, and drinks

Another pass to New York with a comrade for a good time.

Page 1A of Jessup Pollard's Civil War journal. Page 1B of Jessup Pollard's Civil War journal. Page 2A of Jessup Pollard's Civil War journal. Page 2B of Jessup Pollard's Civil War journal. Thumbnail image of a painting of Frank Pollard with link to larger image. Thumbnail image of a Civil War soldier with link to a larger version. Thumbnail image of a Civil War soldier with link to larger version. Page 3B of Jessup Pollard's Civil War journal. Page 3A of Jessup Pollard's Civil War journal.

January 1862
Wednesday 22nd

Get a letter from father.
Write to him, send $2.00 for Uncle Thomas.
Captain Barrett come back from Boston.
Get a shirt, drawers _____.


Thursday 23rd

Meiner come back from New York.

Friday 24th

Our company on guard. We get our frock coats. Me and Joseph Connors went to New York this afternoon. Go to the New Banery Theater. See Scato the Scout played?
Bought this book for 31 cents. Supper and drinks.



January 1862
Friday 24th

See ___
and see something of NY by Gas light stop the Comet?


Saturday 25th

Bought a Cap leaves 37 cents?Went to Barnums Museum – well worth the money. Saw many things that were new to me. Went to a first class dining saloon, got a Capital Dinner. Traveled all around the city this afternoon. Lost Joe C. Travel alone, went to Baxter Street had a pleasant time went to _____ Street had some grand adventures. Stan 157 James White?

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Sketch made of Uncle Frank Pollard by comrade during Civil War.

Possibly Jessup Pollard - in journal but not labeled.

Another photo, possibly of Jessup Pollard - in journal but not labeled.

Intertidal Invertebrates
An extraordinary collection of photographs


Fishing Baja 2000
Fishing the Sea of Cortez off Cerralvo Island

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Battle of the Bulge
William Morris, 275th Infantry, 70th Division


U.S. Civil War
Duncan A. Huling
18th Regiment, Ohio

January 1862
Saturday 25th

Visit Meades Ambrotype Saloon, get 4 photographs taken for $1.00
Duplicate number 3149 (see ticket right)
Drinks, cigars, and C? $7.00
So much for one days work.

Sunday 26th

Start on another tour around the city. Visit 5th Avenue, went to Jukes Saloon Bowery. Get a picture taken on tin - 50 cents. Went back to the fort, 8 PM.
Expend $5.00
Get a letter from my Wife.

Monday 27th

Skirmish drill

Tuesday 28th

Skirmish drill
Letter from David
Write to David, send my picture.

January 1862
Wednesday 29th

Skirmish Drill

Thursday 30th

Write to New York
S. Drill

Thursday 30th
Skirmish Drill

Friday 31st
Sk. Drill
Expend 50 cents

February 1862
Saturday 1st

Snow today. We got marching orders.

Sunday 2nd
Our company on guard.

Monday 3rd
Get a letter from my Wife.
Write to my Wife.

Leave authorization signed by Captain Barrett.

A note written by Captain Barrett granting liberty for Corporal Jesse Pollard and Joseph Connors
Written at Fort Columbus on Governor's Island in New York harbor, Mr. Pollard and his friend enjoyed a few days in New York.

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