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Beach Holiday at Torquay, UK - Holiday Book 1937 - by Hugh Flemming

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Water color painting of Anstey's Cove at Torquay, UK in 1937.

Anstey's Cove at Torquay
Watercolor by Hugh Flemming, September 1937

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Torquay Holiday
August 27 – September 3, 1937

On Friday morning, Fred & I put four big cases in the back of the small car & it was quite alright. Margorie & I drove off to Torquay at half past ten. It was rather dull weather. We had a very good long journey in the car & we drove to Bridgewater, Wellington, Cullompton, & we stopped in the wood near Eaxter & we had a good lunch in the car.

Then we drove on through Exeter, Dawlish & passed the railway line near the sea.

I can remember it when I went in the train to Navy Week with Mr. Welch & Dorothy. We drove over Shaldon Bridge & over the top of the hill & as we went over the hill suddenly we saw the beautiful sea & smelt sea & the fresh air.

We were very excited near Torquay.

We arrived at Torquay quarter past three.

We looked for the church for Sunday & then drove to the Palace Hotel but we could not find it. The we saw the notice “Palace Hotel” & arrived Hotel about quarter to four. We had some tea in the drawing room & we looked out of the window but there was no sea because there are a lot of trees around the Palace.

Marjorie & I walked in the garden & we found the sea at the bottom of the rocks. We hope it will be fine weather & we shall bathe. Then we went back to the Palace.

Last night Marjorie & I danced in the ballroom, it was a beautiful ballroom. I danced with Marjorie, she said I danced very well. We saw a little boy who was watching the music & swinging his legs all the time but he could not dance.

We stopped dancing at half past

ten & we went to bed early because we were very tired. When we went to bed above the ballroom we heard the music very loudly. On Saturday morning, I wrote to Mother & then Marjorie & I went down to bathe at Anstey’s Cove & the sea was a beautiful blue. It was lovely & warm. There were a lot of rock & it was hotter in the morning than yesterday. Then we had finished bathe & we walked back to the Palace for lunch. After lunch we drove to do some shopping for short time & then we played tennis on hard courts. We had some tea on the terrace. On Sunday morning, Marjorie & I went in the car to church at 9 oclock at Mother’s old school because the Palace garage was closed til 8 oclock.

After breakfast, I wrote a letter to Mrs. Frampton & then we played tennis as it was rather cool in the morning.

We rested for half an hour before

lunch & I wrote the holiday book. This afternoon we went to bathe again. Marjorie & I sat on the rocks & Marjorie put bathing oil on my back & I put oil on Marjorie’s back. Suddenly there were lot of wasps & she ran off to the sea & I was quite alright with the wasps & I walked to the sea. A wasp sat on Marjorie’s nose & she swam very quickly to the raft & the wasps followed her. But there were no wasps on me. Marjorie sat on the raft & I sat on the rock in the sea. (I think the wasp liked Marjorie very much.) Poor Marjorie was very frightened by the wasps all the time!

We finished bathing & went back to the Palace for tea on the terrace.

Last night Marjorie & I went to the ballroom to see the picture at 9 oclock there was only one film, it was called “Stars Over Broadway.” It was rather good but I could

not understand because they talked too much in the film.

The film sound box & music were behind the screen.

The picture finished at half past ten & it was to early & we went in the drawing room & we smoked a cigarette & then went off to bed.

Monday morning we went to shop to fetch my film. I had a good snap of Torquay & two snaps of Mrs. Frampton & they were good pictures but one film of Mrs. Frampton was spoilt because George made her laugh by looking out of the window at her.

I am rather cross with George! Marjorie took a photo of me outside the hotel.

This afternoon we went for a drive to the sea & we saw the beautiful blue sea.

We went up a hill to try & see the view over the bay but there were too many houses in

front of us. Then we went back to the Palace & rested & had tea. Last night we danced again. Tuesday morning. It was rather dull weather & we thought the sun shining but it was rather misty. Marjorie & I played tennis this morning. I had a letter from Mrs. Frampton & when I read the letter & I was surprised because she said they had a new car.

This afternoon we went for a walk on the top of the Downs. We were surprised to see Anstey’s Cove at the bottom of the cliffs. I took some photos of the sea & the rocks & it was beautiful.

The sea was so blue & we could see the rocks under the water from the hill.

We sat on the ground on the top of the hill & looked out at the sea & breathed the beautiful fresh air & we saw lots of boats & ships & one speed boat. We enjoyed it very much & I

Page 7 of Torquay Holiday by Hugh Flemming.

had never seen anything like before.

Last night we danced but there were very few people in the ballroom. Wednesday morning it was misty weather. I had a letter from Mother & Win this morning. We played tennis at on the hard courts & we had a good game. This afternoon it was raining all the afternoon & I went in my bedroom to draw the picture of Torquay, Anstey’s Cove. It was a very good picture & I did it from memory.

Look for this picture on page 23. Marjorie went to take our films to be developed.

Last night we danced in the ballroom we saw Clemson & Valerie who danced a tango & a rhamba two very good exhibition dance. They were wearing “Spanish dress”.

They have danced in Claridges Hotel in London in front of the King & Queen.

It is wonderful dancing at the

Page 8 of Torquay Holiday by Hugh Flemming. Page 9 of Torquay Holiday by Hugh Flemming. Page 10 of Torquay Holiday by Hugh Flemming.

Palace Hotel.

Thursday morning. It rained a little in the early morning but it was fine weather at 10 o’clock.

Marjorie & I went to bathe but Marjorie could not bathe & I went by myself.

We climbed the rocks round & round & Marjorie rested on the rock & I climbed very well without shoes.

We were on the beach for two hours & had a wonderful time. This afternoon we drove off to Buckfast Abbey church about 12 miles from Palace.

We arrived at the Abbey at quarter to three.

We went inside the Abbey & it was lovely but quite new & there was a crowd of people at the Abbey. Marjorie took photo of the Abbey once. We drove back to the Palace again.

We had enjoyed it very much.

Last night we went to see a picture called “The Man Who Could Work Miracles” in the ballroom. We have seen it before at Odeon in Weston.

Friday morning it was beautiful weather & the sun was shining. We bathed again & the sea was green & nearly blue. We had some good bathes this week. Marjorie & I were very happy & laughing all the time because we had a lovely time at the Palace.

There were very sports & tennis & golf on the private course & bathing, dancing, pictures.

The sun was shining on the terrace at the Palace Hotel.

This afternoon Marjorie drove off to home from Palace Hotel about 2 o’clock. I said goodbye to Valerie & Clemson in the dining room. We said goodbye to the Palace Hotel. It was rather sad. We drove round the sea &

saw the beautiful blue sea. We stopped at Starcross Station by the railway line & suddenly we saw a locomotive & it was called KING GEORGE V with the bell drawing “Cornish Rivera Express” & I took a photo of the King George V & another train came & I said thank you to the driver of King George V & he saluted to me!

I was shaking with excitement! We drove off to Weston & it was lovely weather all the afternoon & we arrived home at half past six.

Marjorie & I were very happy & we had a very good Torquay holiday in the best year of all 1937.

Photo of Anstey's Cove taken by Hugh Flemming in 1937. Photograph of many people on the beach at Anstey's Cove in the UK taken in 1937. 1937 photo of Mr. Hugh Flemming in front of the Palace Hotel in Torquay.

Hugh Flemming in front of the Palace Hotel in Torquay
One of the few pictures of the author.

Photo of the Palace Hotel in Torquay taken in 1937 by Hugh Flemming.

Palace Hotel at Torquay

Marjorie posing for a photo in front of the Palace Hotel in Torquay in 1937.

Marjorie at the Palace Hotel

Marjorie and I had a Bathe at the Anstey's Cove
(above and right)

King George V train at Starcross in 1937. Star Class train at Starcross in 1937.

King George V at Starcross
Drawing "Cornish Riviera Express"

Star Class at Starcross
Drawing "Leed & Starmouth Express" by LNER coaches - sleeping car

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