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Holiday Book 1937 - by Hugh Flemming - Navy Week at Plymouth, UK

The H.M.S. Furious as seen by Hugh Flemming in 1937 at Navy Week in the UK. Navy Week 1937 - Picture of ships from the Holiday Book by Hugh Flemming.

Navy Week in 1937
Plymouth, UK

Navy Week 1937 from the Holiday Book page 1 by Hugh Flemming. Navy Week 1937 from the Holiday Book page 2 by Hugh Flemming.

Navy Week
Friday August 6, 1937

Navy Week 1937 from the Holiday Book page 3 by Hugh Flemming.

We arrived at Exeter at quarter past eleven & there were crowds of people at Exeter station.

The crowd of people filled the carriages but we had luck & there were no people in our carriages. We started off to Plymouth & it went very slowly because it was steep & I heard the locomotive Sh! Sh! Sh! all the time.


We saw Cornish Revera Express many times.

We were very late & did not arrive at Plymouth until 1 oclock. We had some sandwiches in the train.

We were surprised as we travelled by the beautiful blue sea & saw people bathing quite near the train. We went through five small tunnels & it was very hot.


We arrived at Plymouth at quarter past one & it was very late & we walked to the bus. We got in the bus & drove

Navy Week 1937 from the Holiday Book page 4 by Hugh Flemming.

to Navy week dock.

We walked around the dock & saw two submarines & waited for people to go inside the submarines & we saw five aeroplanes over the dock & aeroplanes fought a mock battle with fireguns to show the people how. And suddenly we saw a submarine come out of the water & another small ship came & they fought.

The submarine sunk in the water again & stayed in the water two hours. But they came up three times & fought again. We walked inside the submarine & it was so hot & very little room & there were three rooms & a small hole for the door.

We went on the huge H.M.S. Furious & we had some tea in the drill shed & it was nice cool. We walked on the top of the drill shed & saw three aeroplanes on the dock.

We walked back to the dock &

Marjorie took me to the station at 10 min to eight & it was early morning. We waited for Mr. Welch & Dorothy to come until quarter past eight & they came from the railway bridge & Marjorie went away.

We waited for the train to come until quarter past eight but it was late until twenty minute past eight.

We got into the train for Tounton & there was a misty fog in the early morning.

We had never been to Tounton from Weston before.

We stopped at all the stations & we arrived at Tounton at 10 oclock & we waited half an hour for the next train.

The Plymouth train came in. It was a King Class locomotive & its name was King James I & it was rather fast to Exeter.

We wanted to try to shoot the small picture of a battleship & I shot in the middle of the cross battleship.

We went inside another ship – the H.M.S. Newcastle & walked about. Poor Dorothy was so hot & she rested in the shade of houses. Mr. Welch & I went to see another big ship – the H.M.S. Rodney. It was like the Nelson class.

We saw a submarine come out of the water again & fire & then sunk down in the water again.

We went in another ship – the H.M.S. Repulse & Dorothy rested in the shadow of the funnel. Mrs. Welch & I went inside the gun box & it was so hot in the gun box & I was so hot that I had to sit down with Dorothy in the shade & rest for a long time & we saw another three aeroplanes & one aeroplane pretended to fail & there was fire under the wing.

A small ship on paper that Hugh Flemming shot 5 holes into at Navy Week in the UK - 1937.

H.M.S. Furious at Navy Week, 1937
Mr. Welch, Dorothy, and I had some tea on the H.M.S. Furious

Five Shots at Navy Week
I shot small holes into the ship 5 times.

Navy Week 1937 from the Holiday Book page 5 by Hugh Flemming.

The submarine came out of the water again & at last it was moved back to the H.M.S. Repulse – all of the soldiers were rather tired at the end.

We walked to see the navy drill at the cricket course & it was a wonderful navy drill. We went in the bus to the station again & we were thirsty & drank twice.

We got in the train & went off to Weston in the night & it was very fast because it was down hill. We arrived at Mr. Welch’s home at 12 oclock & went off to bed.

We had a lovely navy week holiday & I liked it very much.

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