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Holiday Book 1938 - by Hugh Flemming - Empire Day Air Display of the Royal Air Force (R.A.F.)

Picture of Royal Air Force planes flying over Weston, UK on Empire Day 1938.

Royal Air Force planes over our house in Weston
Watercolor by Hugh Flemming, May 1938

Page 4 of Empire Day air display of the R.A.F. by Hugh Flemming. Page 1 of Empire Day air display of the R.A.F. by Hugh Flemming. Page 2 of Empire Day air display of the R.A.F. by Hugh Flemming. Page 3 of Empire Day air display of the R.A.F. by Hugh Flemming.

Saturday May 28, 1938

Empire Day Air Display of the R.A.F.

On Monday & Tuesday May 24th there were huge R.A.F. flying round England for the Empire Day.

On Tuesday morning when I went at Art school & I saw 14 monoplanes & two engines flying over the school & Mr. Smith did not see it because he was working in another room & I told him about there were 14 aeroplanes flying over the front of the Arts school but he heard the aeroplanes which made an awful noise.

When I left the Arts school at half past four to go home early & I arrived home at half past six.

Suddenly we saw a huge number

of R.A.F. planes flying over our house & there were 52 aeroplanes with three each together & the engines made an awful noise like a roar passing our house & the house was shaking.

But one aeroplane failed because of engine trouble & it came down in a field at Portishead & no (one) was hurt.

The pilot mended the engine & it was alright & it went away.

The weather was very cold & windy all the day on Empire day.

On Saturday we thought there was an Empire day air display at Weston Airport but there was none.

So Marjorie & I tried to go to Filton aerodrome in the car & the weather was rather bad.

We arrived at Filton aerodrome & saw a R.A.F. “Tiger” flying round loop the loop & turn over upside down. It was a yellow aeroplane. We drove round the aerodrome to see aeroplane & we stopped on the road.

We saw three aeroplanes flying round the aerodrome but a policeman told Marjorie to go on & she drove round the corner of the airport & I looked through the roof of the car. Suddenly I saw three big R.A.F. bombers planes flying over Filton aerodrome to Cardiff from London & they went very slowly & making an awful noise.

Look at this picture of the R.A.F. bombers (below).

Poor Marjorie could not see the aeroplanes because she was driving the car.

And I said look!!!! Look!!!! But she stopped the car at the back of the aerodrome & she was surprised that there were three R.A.F. bombers flying over our car.

We looked at the R.A.F. planes all the time flying round & round & there was a cold wind.

We had a little picnic in the car.

Marjorie said to me “Are you

sure shall we go home” & I said “Yes” but we stopped three times on the road & I said look!!!! look!!!! another three aeroplanes flying in the sky with a big gun with fire in the sky.

Suddenly I said to Marjorie look!! again the aeroplanes wing looked on fire but it was an electric light under the wing it went down to aerodrome. I thought it was on fire!!!!!!

It was very funny to look at the aeroplane all the time.

Poor Marjorie was rather tired she drove back again twice.

We drove home again we were very excited at seeing aeroplane all the time!!!!!

We arrived home about quarter past six.

We enjoyed the Empire Air display very much, I know I did!!!!!!

Photo of Anstey's Cove 1937 photo of Mr. Hugh Flemming in front of the Palace Hotel in Torquay.

Hugh & Marjorie in front of the Palace Hotel in Torquay
One of the few pictures of the author and Marjorie

Marjorie at the Palace Hotel in 1937.

Anstey's Cove in 1937
Holiday to Torquay.

Picture of Royal Air Force bombers flying over Weston, UK on Empire Day 1938.

Royal Air Force bombers flying over Filton Aerodrome at Bristol
Watercolor by Hugh Flemming, 1938.

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