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Holiday Book 1937 - 1941 by Hugh Flemming - Table of Contents & Downside Abbey

Watercolor painting of the Coronation Scot train number 6220 from London to Glasgow.

The Coronation Scot Underway - No. 6200 - London to Glasgow - L.M.S.
by Hugh Flemming, September 1937 - link to Coronation Scot Holiday

Holiday Book
August 3, 1937

Hugh Flemming
Norton Beauchamp

Title page of Hugh Flemming's Holiday Book written in 1937.


Downside Abbey Holiday (below)

Navy Week (Plymouth)

Picnic (Shiplett Firs Rock)

Torquay (Beach Holiday at the Palace Hotel)

Week End (Coronation Scot)

Christmas Party

Table of Contents for Hugh Flemming's Holiday Book, 1937 - 1941. List of Illustrations in Hugh Flemming's Holiday Book, 1937 - 1941.



Weston Harriers Point to Point Holiday

Week End (The Bristolian GWR)

Joan Campell Wedding

Royal Air Force Display

Barrow Court

Picnic Holiday (Ladye Bay)

A Day in the Quantocks

Our in London (Jack Hulbert & Cicely Courtneidge)


Easter Weekend (Tiny Railway)

Weekend Blackwell Hill

Flying Boat


1940 - War Time

Weston Holiday Wartime

1941 - War Time

R.A.F. visit Boscombe Airport

Visit to Bristol

List of Illustrations

Downside Abbey
Holiday in the Coach
Navy Week
H.M.S. "Furious" & battleship
Photo of Picnic holiday
Picture of Picnic Holiday
MAP of Torquay holiday
Palace Hotel at Torquay
Seaside at Torquay
Photo & Picture Buckfast Abbey
Photo of railway & Hampton Court Palace
Picture of Maze & Coronation Scot
Photo of three Coronation Express & Mrs. Smith's home
"The Bristolian" & picture of it & Twin train, Model loco
Joan's Wedding & Empire of R. A. F. & Barrow Court
Picnic & Quantocks, Photo of it, time
Our in London Time, Night Express, & Miniature Railway
Barrage Balloon & Temple Mead
Princess Theatre
The end of the holiday book

Information about the Pilgrimage in Honour of Blessed Oliver Plunket at Downside Abbey on July 18, 1937.


Showing the Shrine of Blessed Oliver

Downside Abbey Holiday Book page 1 by Hugh Flemming.

Downside Abbey Holiday

On Sunday July 18th, 1937. We went in the car to the old church to find the bus at the church & I got out of the Father’s car & I waited for Mr & Mrs. Frampton to come until two o’clock while Father & Margorie, Myriam went out.

Mr & Mrs. Frampton arrived at 10 minutes to two.

We got in the bus & drove off to Downside Abbey.

I sat with Mrs. Frampton at the back of the bus & George sat in the front with Mrs. Hickey (B.H.) & Win sat front of me & Mrs. Frampton.

We had a good long journey in the bus & I talked a lot to Mrs. Frampton & Win & we laughed all the time because Win was very funny. When we arrived near the Abbey, we saw the procession going along

Downside Abbey Holiday Book page 2 by Hugh Flemming.

the road. They went the wrong way to the left & we drove past them to the Abbey in the right road & arrived at quarter past three.

We stopped near the Abbey because the other bus was broken. We walked along to the Abbey & I thought it was raining but it was not.

We stopped in the park & saw the Archbishop of Westminster & Bishop Lee who was talking to the crowds of the people all about blessed Oliver Plunket. We stood for two hours & Win knelt down on the grass & Mr. & Mrs. Frampton & I stood all the time but I forgot to bring my raincoat! We stopped at five o’clock & we saw the wonderful Cardinal of Ireland with his bright red long train it was a beautiful dress.

We saw Father Lyon. George & I went to see Father Lyon & talked to him for a short time. I found Marjorie & Myriam & Father. Then went back to Mrs. Frampton again. George took

Downside Abbey Holiday Book page 3 by Hugh Flemming.

us to go inside the Abbey & we saw the Tomb of the Blessed Oliver Plunket & there were crowds of people all around the Tomb. We couldn’t get near the Tomb because it was full. We were rather tired & we sat down on the grass but George & Win were lost & Mrs. Frampton & I looked for them.

I found Win walking along the bank & she said (I am lost.) We stood up & walked about & found George.

We saw the Irish people going back to Ireland by train again. We walked back to the coach & rested for half an hour because it was full of buses trying to get out!

We talked a lot about everything. I said to Mrs. I said to Mrs. Frampton “do you like Fortts?” & she said “no I don’t like Fortts – I like BRIGHTS!!!!!

We started off to Wells & we were very hungry & thirsty. We arrived at Wells & stopped

Downside Abbey Holiday Book page 4 by Hugh Flemming.

at the Central Hotel & we had lovely tea at last.

We walked about Wells but my leg was rather tired.

We started off to Weston & Win sat down on the wheel by the door of the bus.

We talked again all the time. I said to Win what is the Electric post called? She said telephone & I said no it was not telephone it is ELECTRIC pylon.

It was rather dark in the evening we had a good long journey in the coach in the lovely open air in the bus.

We arrived at the old church about ten oclock.

Miss Hickey took me home very quickly.

We had a lovely holiday at Downside & I enjoyed myself very much!

Drawing of a couch showing where we sat.

Holiday in the Coach
Father Judge sat with driver. George sat with Miss Hickey. Win sat alone & she looking out the window. Mrs. Frampton sat with me at the back of the coach.

Downside Abbey Holiday

In the Coach

To See the Pilgrimage in Honour of Blessed Oliver Plunket

First holiday is to Downside Abbey and is below the Table of Contents

Picnic at Shiplett Firs Rock, 1937 ---- >

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An extraordinary collection of photographs


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Photo of Anstey's Cove

Anstey's Cove in 1937
Holiday to Torquay.

Other Entries by Hugh Flemming

HMS Furious

H.M.S. Furious at Navy Week
Plymouth, 1937

Bristolian train

The Bristolian - Earle of the Powis Number 5056
Bristol to London, 1938

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