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Coronation Scot Holiday, UK - Holiday Book 1937 - by Hugh Flemming

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Coronation Scot No. 6220 from London - Glasgow (top)
Observation Car at the back of Coronation L.N.E.R. (bottom)
By Hugh Flemming, September 1937

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The Coronation Express Holiday
September 13, 1937

This morning John & I went in the untidy little car off to London about 11 oclock.

The weather was rather clear. We drove to London about 20 miles. We arrived Euston station & saw very big “notice tables” about Coronation Scot?

We found the number of platforms & it was 13 platform for the Coronation Scot.

We had lunch at Euston at half past twelve & we were hurrying lunch because we wanted to see Coronation Scot carriages till 1 o’clock.

We had finished lunch & walked the 13 platform & we saw Coronation Scot carriages but Coronation Scot locomotive did not

come until quarter past one. We went inside the carriages & there were nine coaches & it was beautiful chair with light green & soft dining car the look very modern.

We got off the carriages at last. We walked along the platforms outside the Euston station near signal box to waited for the Coronation Scot locomotive to come for five minutes & there were crowd of people outside Euston platform.

Suddenly we heard the Coronation Scot coming.

We saw the Coronation Scot locomotive came backward to join the carriages & there were crowds of people. John & I walked followed the Coronation Scot at the platform. & there were the steam came out of the Coronation Scot from the wheel

very loudly long way the platform.

We looked all round the Coronation Scot locomotive and there were huge streamlines locomotive and it is bigger than Royal Scot.

The Coronation Scot is blue a little silver line it looked like Stream-line Express and it is a very fine locomotive and carriages and there was the name locomotive “Coronation”.

At half past one, John and I walked to the outside platform again and the Coronation Scot started and there was powerful smoke SHOOO! SHOO! SHOO! And I took one photo of it and it went rather fast very quickly from the platform off to Scotland.

The Coronation Scot went to Glaskow in 401 ½ miles and 6 ½ hours non-stop by L.M.S.

John and I went back to the car to the town of London and we drove to the model mast wax Exhibition it was rather

funny things. We got out of Exhibition and I tried to find two postcards of London for Mother and Mrs. Frampton. ---We drove off to King’s Cross but it was too early for Coronation of L.N.E.R. and I wrote 2 postcards at King’s Cross office for Mother and Mrs. Frampton about Coronation Scot.

We waited half an hour for the Coronation and Silver Jubilee.

The Coronation left at four oclock and Silver Jubilee half past five and we had some tea first.

John and I went to the 8 platform for the Coronation and we went inside an observation saloon streamline at the back of the Coronation with dark blue below

and light blue on the middle, dark grey on the top of the roof. There was beautiful fresh air from the Coronation fume and we walked long the Coronation and we sat on the chair in the first class and it was swinging round.

We got out of the carriages and there were nine coaches and we waited outside of King’s Cross and we saw four streamlines locomotive on L.N.E.R.

Streamlines locomotives
name of the

1.) Commonwealth of Australia drawing the Coronation at four o’clock.

2.) Kingfisher drawing London and Peterborough.

3.) Suddenly we saw the flying Scotsman come from Scotland with Dominion of New Zealand.

4.) At half past five the Silver Jubilee started off to Newcastle by Silver Link.

It was rather dark and rain. We drove home again at quarter past severn.

We had a very good time Coronation Express Holiday and we were very interested

The Coronation Scot London Midland and Scottish Railways (LMS) - Blue and Silver line.

The Coronation London & North Eastern Region (LNER) Dark Blue and Light Blue.

The Kingfisher Loco (LNER) Green and Coach Brown.

The Flying Scotman Loco (LNER) Blue and Coach Brown.

The Silver Jubilee (LNER) Silver and Grey.

1937 photo of Mr. Hugh Flemming in front of the Palace Hotel in Torquay.

Hugh Flemming in front of the Palace Hotel in Torquay
One of the few pictures of the author.

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King George V train at Starcross in 1937. Star Class train at Starcross in 1937.

King George V at Starcross
Drawing "Cornish Riviera Express"

Star Class at Starcross
Drawing "Leed & Starmouth Express" by LNER coaches - sleeping car

Painting of the Coronation Scot locomotive by Hugh Flemming. Painting of the Coronation Scot observation car by Hugh Flemming. Photo of a Coronation Scot locomotive taken in 1937.

In December 2013, the trip from London Euston to Glasgow is made in 4 1/2 hours.

Trains Photographed on Beach Holiday

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