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Holiday Book 1938 - by Hugh Flemming - Week End Holiday to London on the Bristolian

Water color painting of the Bristolian Train in 1938.

The Bristolian - Earle of the Powis Number 5056 - G.W.R.
Watercolor by Hugh Flemming, April 1938

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Week End Holiday to London
Friday April 22, 1938



Non-stop to

London from Bristol in

117-3 Mile & in 1 ½ Hours

Today Marjorie drove to Bristol with mother and me in the car to Temple Meand Station at quarter to four and I showed mother the station and the underground and we waited for the Bristolian to come in.

And there were two train came to the nine platform one train for going up to the north and another second train came backward for Weston train for quarter past five and it went away.

And the third of the new famous “The Bristolian” came in at quarter past four & Mother and Marjorie & I were very excited that “The Bristolian” was a beautiful train & there were a beautiful Buffet Car (Cocktail) & I saluted the waiter of the Buffet Car & I know him very well because he has been working on the Baffer?? Car about four years service to London & Bristol every day. And I spoke to the waiter about things.

I took Mother and Marjorie to see the buffer car & Mother said it was a wonderful buffer car. And I went to the Restaurant Car third class. Mother & Marjorie had to go home before The Bristolian started at half past four.

At half past four “The Bristolian” started off to London but the engine driver did not pull the whistle and the loco was most powerful smoke SHOO!!! SHOO!! SHOO! Went rather fast off to London. And the Bristolian went

Quickly, quickly!!! & very fast to London & I went to have some tea in the Buffet Car & it was shaking a lot & make noise and I heard the wheel make noise (WHEE).

And I had all finished my tea & I looked out of the window it went very fast county & town, through tunnel.

At ten minute past five The Bristolian went very fast through Swindon Railway workshop & the station in half minute & all worksmen watched at the Bristolian past through Swindon & more faster to London.

At quarter to six The Bristolian went through Reading & I was surprised to see a new big streamline rail car and there were three saloon and two restaurant and one buffer car on the streamline railcar & it is bigger than Weston rail car waited at Reading station.

It was raining a little when I went in the Bristolian to London. The Bristolian has been service to

London & Bristol in 117.3 miles an hour one hour & half in four years ago.

And locomotive was called “Earl of the Powis” (Castle Class) & Severn coaches.

The Bristolian arrived at Paddington about five minute past six.

And I got out of the Bristolian & waited for Gwen to come to see me & I found her at the platform & she was looking for me & there were lot of men who came out of the Bristolian.

Gwen drove off to Byfleet from London & it was a wonderful time very fast on the Bristolian. But it was awful traffic cars in London & we arrived at half past severn & I saw John was there & he & he went dance.

I can remember that new “The Bristolian” has been to London for the first time by King George V with the bell on September 9th 1935 about four years ago and when I went on the Bristolian for the first

time and I was very proud of the King George V drawing the Bristolian so I went service on the Bristolian about five time myself.

Saturday morning Gwen drove off to the Golf with Will & I about 60 miles to Golf Course from home and she drove back home again and Will played Golf.

Gwen drove to the Derby races to show me to see the Derby & went home again.

This afternoon John drove to London with me in the car to see the model railway exhibition Westminster. We arrived near Westminster Abbey about 3 oclock. But there were very full of people at the Central Hall near Westminster Abbey.

John & I went to the Central Hall to see the model Engineer Exhibition & it was very interesting. We looked at the tiny railway table & tiny locomotive & carriages, good train & the tiny railway is called “Twin Railway” & I liked the Twin Railway very much. There were lot of railway tables in the Hall. There were many people all over the

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room so John & I looked very carefully to see the train a lot.

Suddenly we very huge model American locomotive with the steam running a long on the line to forward and backward and full of smoke in the hall and the engine driver drove huge model American locomotive very carefully & went rather fast.

The crowd of people were excited to see the American locomotive. Look at this picture of the American locomotive.

We went downstairs to another railway tables & there were two big model locomotives and one locomotive called Princess Elizabeth L.M.S. & another loco Dominion of Canada (streamline) L.N.E.R. and we saw French train. And one big model carriges of the dining car it is first class & kitchen, dining car by the Royal Scot L.M.S.

At last time we had finished & so we went home little late to fetch Will from the golf & went home again

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at half past severn.

Sunday morning it was raining rather hard but I went to the church after breakfast & I can remember I went to the churh before breakfast near the Southern Railway.

At lunch time Gwen took me in the car to Cobham & she stopped at Helen’s house & I went to Helen’s house for lunch & I talked to Helen a lot all about things & had some lunch with Helen & her Husband. She drove back to Byfleet in the car with me & I enjoyed it with Helen very much.

We played tennis with friends in the garden & it was little fine but it was raining this morning. We had a very good game of tennis.

Monday morning Gwen took me to Byfleet station. I saw new Electric Train Express to London from Portsmouth through Byfleet station by the Southern Railway.

And I went in the Electric train to Waterloo station by the Southern Railway it went very well.

I met Will at Waterloo station & he took me by the underground to Paddington & I went home by train (G.W.R.).

Mother came to meet me at Weston & she said she was so happy to see me again.

I enjoyed week end holiday very much.

Water color painting of a Northern Pacific American Train in 1938.

Model American Locomotive 4-8-8-2 (with steam) at the Model Railway Exposition in Westminster in 1938
Watercolor by Hugh Flemming, April 1938








Temple Meads





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Filton Junction












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Temple Meads


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Bristol to London



London to Bristol


The Bristolian
service every week except Saturday

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