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Office of Miller & Carpenter
Produce Commission Merchants
Dealers in Butter, Cheese, Lard, Eggs, Poultry, and c.
No. 8 Erie Buildings, Corner Reade & Washington Streets

New York

September 6th, 1864

Brother Amos,

I have come to the conclusion, after mature reflection, that I would like to get the money on the mortgage you hold of mine against the Abbott Place – and with it buy a house and a lot or invest in government bonds.

Would you be so kind as to either take of yourself or see someone who has the money that would like to have it?

I have talked some of buying a house & lot at Yonkers adjoining Hiram. The distance is the objection. I shall look around in Brooklyn and Jersey City. I have some expected you down here after a substitute.

We are to have no draft here. If you wish me to get you one or two, I think they can now be obtained. I want the name for whom they are to serve or I cannot get them. Also, the number of district, which is 24 I think.

Mr. Carpenter paid $150 & got insured by a company in Broadway. Substitutes have been paid as high as ($900 to $1000) nine to one thousand dollars. I think they might be got for less, maybe six to eight hundred for one year.

As the news now appears, we shall be able to put down the Rebs (Rebels) by the expiration of the year. The fall of Atlanta & the seizure of the Weldon Railroad and the taking of Fort Morgan have very much weakened our enemy. Together with the Chicago Platform, I really think Uncle Abe (Lincoln) stands a good chance for being elected again. The copper heads feel quite sore – at least many of them.

My family all well except myself – I have a bihous spill N.B. If you get the money on meeting, keep enough to pay the Johnson note, if not, please write me & I will send it to you. Give my respects to the Abbot family with my kind regards.

Robert T. Miller

Our business dull, just now it has been good since I am back.

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A letter from one brother to another regarding a mortgage and Abraham Lincoln's Re-election




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Civil War

Mortgages and investment in Government Bonds in 1864

A letter from one brother to another during the U.S. Civil War - page 1. A letter from one brother to another during the U.S. Civil War - page 2.

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Cover from a letter written in 1864.

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