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Welcome to memoir stream!

memoir stream is a site dedicated to preserving and presenting memoirs. Most of the memoirs on this site were written many years ago and have only been seen by a few people. Robert Morris' memoirs, for example, had not been seen by anyone until they were scanned, archived, and presented here even though most of them were written in the late 1970s - early 1980s. Other memoirs, such as those written by Duncan Huling, a Union soldier in the U.S. Civil War, do not come with any information regarding how many people have read them, just that they were not online prior to being published here. It is exciting to think that many of these memoirs are being presented for the first time in a format that can be read and appreciated by all.

A primary objective of this site is to facilitate the sharing of one's memoirs, whether they are being shared by the authors themselves, an heir, or someone else lucky enough to find them in their possession.

For almost all handwritten content, both the transcription of the content and a scan of the original content are displayed. Misspellings, and grammatical errors are corrected in the transcribed version so that software used by the visually impaired and translation software can read the content more accurately and so that search engines can properly index the content. Every effort is made to preserve the original meaning of the transcribed content.

If you have memoirs that you would like to share or have digitally archived, we would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work with you. If you are not ready to share your memoirs yet, we can still help you digitally archive them. If you live in the San Francisco-Bay Area, you can bring them to our office or we can come to you and pick them up. Otherwise, you can send your material electronically or through the mail. If you decide to share your memoirs on memoir stream, your memoirs will not be put online until you are happy with the way they are presented. Please contact us at for more information.

Thank you very much for visiting memoir stream - a site dedicated exclusively to archiving and/or displaying our past experiences.

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We can also pick-up your memoirs if you are in the SF/Bay Area. Please contact us for details.


A painting of Jessup Pollard's uncle in 1861. Mr. Pollard's Civil War journal can be found here.


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